Upholstery and Mattresses

Sofas, armchairs, mattresses and other upholstered items can get quite dirty due to food, kids and pets. One of the leading fibers for upholstery (polyester) is an oil loving fiber and is quite susceptible to attracting body oils from either pets or people. Dirts, oils and stains happen as part of life-but you don’t have to live with it! Call Cloud Floor & Upholstery Cleaning today for a free upholstery cleaning analysis. Your analysis and cleaning will include:

  • We will pre-inspect your mattress and upholstery.
  • Your textile will be pretreated as needed with the needed solution using a horsehair brush.
  • We will thoroughly extract all cleaning agents and flush out dirt and contaminants. We use the latest upholstery equipment to ensure no overspray and fast dry times.
  • The fabric will be groomed to ensure proper drying and final texture.

Dust mites and bacteria like dusty, dirty places! Did you know that beds are a prime habitat (where 1/3 of life occurs). A typical used mattress may have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million mites inside. (Ten percent of the weight of a two year old pillow can be composed of dead mites and their droppings.

Just thinking of these dust mites living in your pillow by the millions, eating your dead skin and hair is enough to make you sick (literally and figuratively). When is the last time you vacuumed your sofa? Tipped it upside down and shoot it out? Dust mites love all that dry skin and dust that has settled on your upholstery! Dust Mites are a major cause of asthma and allergies; especially in vulnerable individuals, such as children and the elderly! Don’t worry they do not bite! Unfortunately, the harmful allergen they create is from their fecal pellets and body fragments. Dust mites are nearly everywhere; roughly four out of five homes in the United States have detectable levels of dust mite allergen in at least one bed so what about that furniture you never vacuum! Our extraction methods are 10x more powerful than the typical household vacuum for maximum dry and wet soil and contaminate removal.

Our solutions explode and encapsulate dirt and allergen causing contaminants from the surface of your upholstery and mattress. Sit and sleep easy knowing that Cloud has left your mattress and upholstery clean and healthy.