Tile and Grout

Tile and Stone now covers more than just your bathroom floors and your tub and shower walls. Cloud Floor & Upholstery Cleaning cleans the many varieties of both natural and man made. See our list below!

Like any other surface, tile and stone require ongoing daily, weekly, and/or monthly maintenance in the form of vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing. However, a toothbrush, some consumer–grade cleaners, lots of elbow grease (possibly a backache) and a few hours or more gets old real quick! Let Cloud handle your deep floor cleaning! Our techs are trained to handle multiple tile and stone floors with the latest tools and equipment and using the proper pH cleaning agent.

Over time, mold, mildew and dirt penetrate deep into the porous surfaces of your tile, stone & grout. Our customized cleaning solution penetrates deep inside these pores removing bacteria and other microorganisms. Your floor will be scrubbed and rinsed for a dirt and residue free surface.

If you need professional deep cleaning of the following surfaces call today!

Man Made

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Sealing Grout with ColorClad®

Typical tile grout is porous, much like the concrete on your driveway. Even newer polymer modified grout, and most “stain resistant” epoxy grouts in use today will absorb not just stains, but also bacteria, mold and mildew. This can greatly contribute to odor problems and make proper sanitization more difficult.

A clear penetrating sealer is not a true barrier like ColorClad®. It buys you a little time to remove a spill but loses its effectiveness with every cleaning. ColorClad provides near total protection against penetration of stains, mold and odor causing bacteria.

ColorClad® is a grout restoration process that not only brings back the uniform color of a freshly installed tile grout, but dramatically improves the performance of all grout, no matter the age.

Choose your color! We can match or change colors with a near infinite palette of colors to create the perfect look to your tiled surfaces.

To keep the grout looking it’s best, ColorClad® uses fluoropolymers for soil release and aluminum oxide for durability. No other grout or grout sealer on the market today offers this combination of technology or performance!

As the only ZERO VOC Color Seal product on the market, ColorClad® allows you to maintain your grout with less aggressive, more ecologically friendly chemicals & procedures. Saving you time and money while keeping a healthy home!
ColorClad® penetrates into the grout and reflects the natural texture of the grout. A matte finish and the Aluminum Oxide grit complete the effect of a natural looking grout texture.

Why is “Oleophobic” important?

Most grout sealers can claim to be Oil Resistant, but only ColorClad® is truly Oil Repellent, (Oleophobic). Oil Resistant simply means it will not dissolve or break down when exposed to oil. Repellency means that the oil will NOT soak into the sealer, but rather sit up top where it can be easily cleaned away!

Oil can attract and hold on to other dirt and dust creating a difficult surface to clean-let us seal today with ColorClad® to ensure a healthy home that you can maintain!