Preparing For Your Appointment

Thank you for entrusting us with your surface cleaning needs! Our goal is to provide you a relaxing and satisfying experience while leaving your surfaces cleaner and healthier.

Here are some suggestions to help prepare for our visit and know what to expect:


  1. If possible please thoroughly vacuum your carpets (especially your high traffic areas) before we arrive. Also have your vacuum ready for a free analysis to ensure it is operating at peak capacity.
  2. For your family pet’s peace of mind (and ours!) please put them in a safe place where are cleaning won’t disturb them.
  3. For some services a water source may be needed. Please notify your Cleaning Specialist of the optimal area to access water.
  4. Our techs will send a text when they are on the way in most cases giving you about 30 minutes notice. If you need the method or timeframe adjusted please notify our office right away.
  5. Please note that areas treated for urine will remain wet longer and that odor MAY be present for a couple days after as the product breaks down the SOURCE of the odor for complete removal.


Here is how you can best prepare your home to be clean and healthy in as little time as possible:

  1. Please advise your Cleaning Specialist upon arrival about any special furniture moving requirements.
  2. Please pin draperies and skirts on beds and upholstery that may be touching the floor.
  3. Please remove any breakable items from the cleaning areas and furniture you would like to have moved.
  4. Heavy furniture (china hutches, entertainment centers, etc) cannot be moved unless completely emptied before we arrive of all breakables and electronics. However, the floors underneath these items can be hand cleaned where there is sufficient space or we can edge right up to the base.
  5. For the fastest and cleanest possible services please have Rugs free of furniture, showers free of soaps and personables, and counters cleared of all loose items.

preparation for serviceOur Cleaning Specialist may advise additional charges if you wish items to be moved but have not completed the above noted furniture preparations.

HERE is our total menu of services to help make your home COMPLETELY clean and healthy.
I look forward to becoming a trusted and valued partner in maintaining and improving the appearance and health of your home or facility. Please call me PERSONALLY if you have any questions, concerns or praise for my teams performance.


Aaron Florczykowski
Cloud Floor & Upholstery Cleaning