Granite Countertop Cleaning

granite countertop
Granite countertops are often the beautiful focal point in any kitchen. However, Granite will lose some of its luster and shine with regular use and time even with a sealer. Many contaminants will also alter the look and health of a Granite Counter including: Dirt, bacteria, cleaning residues etc.

A sealant can prevent liquids from seeping into the granite surface.

Regular maintenance, cleaning and sealing of granite countertops is critical to helping you protect your kitchen’s valuable investment. Off the shelf products often damage or leave a haze on granite. Most contain harsh or abrasive ingredients that can damage the granite and make the finish appear dull. Put your granites clean and your food prep health in the CLOUD! Cloud can restore and revitalize the health and appearance of your granite.

Our specialty Granite Renewal process improves:

Your Family’s Health

Our Granite Renewal process penetrates deep into the granite’s surface, removing bacteria, dirt and product film. Our products are safe and non toxic and will let you prep your next meal on a clean and healthy surface!

Our Process

Call today and get our 4 step Granite cleaning and renewal process!

1. Deep Clean & Scrub

Our specialty Granite Cleaning Solution will remove deeply embedded, dirt, germs and grime from your granite counters without harmfully abrasive scrubbing. And the best thing is that our solution is non-toxic! Clean and Healthy, the way your granite should be!

2. Remove Additional Residues

Once your granite is clean we apply our Fine Residue Remover to ensure the surface is prepared for Sealing and Polishing

3. Apply Penetrating Sealer

Stopping penetration of dirt and liquids is the main job of our Granite Countertop Sealer. Dry in just 3 minutes it adds that extra protection your Granite investment deserves

4. Polish

The last step is our unique and eye popping polish! This ensures your Granite shows those brilliant and unique colors you wanted from the very beginning.

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I don’t have Granite do you also clean regular tile countertops?

Yes! We have a tile and grout clean and seal process for all your other natural and man made surfaces.

Do you clean vertical surfaces like backsplash or even showers?

Yes! We have a specialty tool that allows vertical cleaning without a mess! Our tool keeps the cleaning process right on the surface with no overspray or mess!

What about deeply embedded grease or residue?

Our cleaning process will remove most all deeply embedded grease and contaminants.

How do I keep it clean after you leave?

We have a consumer product available that cleans AND seals your granite, or other tile and stone surfaces.