Carpet Cleaning

Cloud Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning provides a worry free consultation with pricing prior to commencing any work. Cloud treats each and every job uniquely to ensure maximum soil and contamination removal for the cleanest and healthiest cleaning in the area.

Cloud has become THE trusted name in carpet cleaning for thousands of households in and around the Longview/Tyler area, cleaning hundreds of locations weekly.

EASE. Our biggest focus is to make working with us easy! As a business or homeowner you are often spinning multiple plates at the same time. Our goal is to create an experience that allows you to relax or even focus on other things while we improve the health and appearance of your home or business carpets.

CLEAN. Our solutions are tailored to each carpets individual needs. Your carpet surface faces many different soils, spots and stains and we customize our equipment and solutions to ensure a healthy surface that looks great!

HEALTH. With less moisture than your typical steam cleaner we ensure your carpet does not have the chance to grow bacteria from prolonged moisture! We also use solutions that will not leave a harmful or unhealthy residue. Our cleaning also improves allergens and Indoor Air Quality to ensure not just a healthy carpet but also a healthy home!

Carpet Protectant

Your carpets get a lot of use and spills are going to happen! Cloud uses a unique protector that will renew the performance of stain resistant carpets. Our protector creates a barrier around the carpet fibers to resist soiling and staining! This Protection helps spills to be removed before they become permanent stains.

Carpet Sanitizer

If you or someone in your home suffer from allergies or asthma, you have pets or children or are just concerned about bacteria then it is THYME for a carpet cleaning!

Carpets act as large filters for our homes and just like any filter they collect and absorb common allergens and germs. Since changing carpet is a little more difficult than changing an air filter it can be treated and cleaned to remove the bacteria and allergens. We use a sanitizer that is authentically botanical with the core ingredient being from the Thyme plant and some of the benefits are:

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria in 30 seconds!
  • New light scent!
  • Economical!
  • Uses Botanical Thyme Oil as the Active Ingredient
  • Botanical isn’t just in the product name, or just one ingredient, we are the only ALL botanical formula in the industry. We formulate with whole essential oils, not synthesized copies of the chemicals found within the oils – we think the authentic way is the right way!