Area Rugs

Area Rugs are the “art we walk on”! Selected for their vibrant colors, unique patterns and that luxurious touch they add to any space. Rugs really are unique works of art with a multitude of fiber and construction types. At Cloud Floor & Upholstery Cleaning we launched a special branch of our company to handle these rug construction and fiber varieties called Art We Walk On.

ART WE WALK ON: Rug Cleaning Experts

This branch of our company includes specially trained technicians and certifications to ensure maximum cleaning of your unique rugs! Our standard deep cleaning process includes the following:

Step One: Dry Soil Removal

In the “olden days” your Great Grandma used to take the rug outside and beat it with a stick! Times have changed! Modern area rugs cleaningrug cleaning technology now exists that allows the dry soil to be removed quickly and safely. This is done with a gentle vibration process that shakes those deeply embedded dry particulates out. If this in-plant step is left out and substituted with just a vacuum your rug is more at risk for discoloration, fiber damage and moth. In home cleaning of rugs can damage the subfloor, and do more harm to the rug than good! Our in-plant dry soil removal process is repeated if and as needed until no additional particulates can be removed.

Step Two: Dye Fast Test

Natural rug fibers vary from wool and silk to cotton and jute. Dye processes also vary and we will test all the colors to ensure your rug gets the cleaning it needs! This can be a multi day process to be as thorough as we can be. Depending on the results we can proceed with the safest and most effective cleaning possible! Some rugs may not be suitable for cleaning and it is during this step that we will notify you of this or any other concerns so that you can make the best choice possible. Our goal is to ensure that your rugs stay with you for generations to come with proper care and washing!

Step Three: Rug Pre-Inspection

At this point we conduct a 50+ point inspection to determine the safest type of cleaning/washing process for yourarea rugs rug.  Some natural fiber rugs require a different process than a man-made synthetic rug does. Repairs, Pet Odor and other forms of damage and staining are noted. After this step we can give you any and all additional options that may be needed to get your rug looking and smelling its best! After we receive your approval to proceed, we will get started with the next step…

Step Five: Full Immersion Rug Bath

Once the dry particulates have been removed the rug is ready to be deep cleaned. Proper solutions, pH levels, agitation and hand washing is used for each rugs individual needs. Our proprietary methods rely on industry leading training and incorporate Woolsafe Approved products to ensure the deepest cleaning possible. Your rug is then thoroughly flushed of solutions and contaminants with our proprietary structured water solution that allows better fiber penetration AND filtering of chemicals harmful to your health such as Chlorine and Chloramine! Once any excess moisture has been removed we groom the piles in their natural direction and then speed dry them with proper dry air circulation.

Step Six: Post Cleaning Inspection

Once your rug is totally dry a final vacuuming and pile grooming is completed. We then prepare your rug for delivery or storage based on your home or business’s needs.

Additional steps are included if the following services are desired! These services include but are not limited to: Custom cut rug pad, urine odor removal, stain protection, bacteria reduction and Moth risk prevention.

We look forward to caring for the Art YOU Walk On.